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This map shows where the main languages are spoken throughout the different regions of the world. It's based on the official language(s) chosen by each country (wiki) and/or the language used in mapping. This is not a complete referencing of languages ​​and dialects invented or based on real world languages and may be subject to free future modifications by everyone. As some Ulethan languages (Ingerish, Castellanese,...) are largely spread throughout the continents they appear distinctively whereas they belong to the same family.

Map Official Language / "Real world equivalent"

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  Proto-Ulethan / "Arabic"
  Huayanic / "Asian"
  Asanic / "Malay,Filipino,Indonesian"
  Islandic / "Oceanic"
  Saeian / "Indonesian, Malay, Thai"
  Castellanese / Eganian / "Greek"
Uletarephian Romantish
  Castellanese / "Spanish"
  Florescenta / "Portuguese"
  Ispelian / "Italian"
  Franquese / "French"
  Raumanese / "similar to Rhaeto-Romanic or Mosel-Romanic"
Uletarephian Gaermanic
  Ingerish / "English"
  Lentian / "Dutch"
  varieties: High Astrasian
  Kalmish / "German"
  varieties: Mergan, Ree
  Uletarephian (Slevic) / "Slavic"
  Uletarephian (Aryan) / "Iranian"
  Astrasian Languages / "Amerindian"
  Antarephian Languages
  Suurisana / "Finnish"
Turquan Languages / Turkic
  Demirhanlı Türküvazı / Demirhan Turquese
  Kuşçə Türküvazı / Kusiye Turquese

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