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Ponthierville is the official capital of the Ponthierry province and the Centre region of the Federation of Ataraxia.

Situated on the Thiers river, it is also at the intersection of the Sonne-et-Thiers and Var-et-Thiers canals.

Historically, Ataraxia City served as the dual regional and federal capital of the Centre region and the national government. In 1951, the governments decided to move the regional capital and several federal agencies to spread development to other parts of the country. Ponthierville, then smaller than Paulis and Baudoinville, was selected for its central location in the region.

The official relocation of the executive and legislative branches of the regional government took place in 1987. A number of departments are still located in Ataraxia City due to the resistance of some bureaucrats, but the government objective is to transfer all remaining regional government headquarters to Ponthierville by 2020.

The accompanying developments have made Ponthierville one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The federal nuclear regulatory agency relocated to the city in 1983 in conjunction with the construction of a nearby nuclear power plant. A branch of the Northeast THC line operated by COFAX opened in 1994. Ataraxia's newest light rail line opened in 2012 connecting the city center to the growing edge city of Saucet and the airport.

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