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Z12, 19.33 °N, 86.03 °E
Puerto Geo
City of Puerto Geo
Flag of Puerto Geo

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City in the Republic of Gobrassanya
Country GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya
Mayor Dixon Bajos
Area 3483 km2
Population 1,023,000 (2014)
Major airport Puerto Geo International
Metro yes
Website www.puertogeo.gov.go

Puerto Geo is a major port city located along the south coast of Gobrassanya at the mouth of the Captiva River and its confluence with the Ficción River. It is the capitol city of Arrowic District and the county seat of Geo County. The city is primarily located within Geo county but some portions of the city lie in Delta county to the west the Captiva River and Captiva county to the north of the Ficción River.

The city of Puerto Geo

Puerto Geo