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Achtung.svg This is a lost country (or other lost place) that no longer exists in OpenGeofiction.

In some cases, articles about lost countries or other lost places may be preserved as a record of someone's creative efforts long ago, but these articles have no bearing on the OpenGeofiction world. DO NOT use the information in these articles in developing histories. These countries are no longer "canon", which means that not only do they no longer exist, but they never existed in OGF history.

The Socialist Republic of Roliqia (Rýliqxiama) is located in Antarephia. It borders Pasalia to the east, Vanktonia and Grey Coast to the west, and Samuelonia to the south. It is a very modernized country, with an extremely high GDP per capita, and an HDI that has skyrocketed over the past 10 years. The population density is really high, and the country has had many coups and changes of government over the past century.

Socialist Republic of Roliqia
Roliqian flag85px
FlagCoat of arms
Forever free
Location of Roliqia
Largest cityTuguxia
Official languagesKopa, Ingerish to some extent
 • National languagesKopa, Ingerish
Ethnic Groups
Káúłaata Kopa(68%), Indigenous Antarephian (16%), White (Mostly Ingerish, Pasalian, or Planorian) (5%), Commonian (4%), Udenaraty (2%), Mahhalian (2%), Shenavroon (1%), Semerian (1%), Other (1%)
NationalitiesIt is very easy to get a Roliqian citizenship, so almost everyone is of the Roliqian Nationality.
GovernmentGrassroots Democracy
 • Prime MinisterUmááwa Tétxiemei
 • Total13,081 km2
5,051 sq mi
 • Census (2015)e.g 15,050,737
 • Density1,151/km2
2,980/sq mi
 • Total$828 billion
 • Per capita$54,996
GDP (nominal)
 • Total$840 billion
 • Per capita$55,809
very high
TimezoneWUT + 4
CurrencyRoliqian Toyógi (RQT)
Internet TLD.rq



Before 1897 CE Around 2800 BCE, the Kopa people migrated from what is now Shadze-Ma to the Hardan Archipelago.

Ingerish Colony

1897 CE - 1963 CE As the wars died down, Ingerland invaded Roliqia. Life as an Ingerish colony didn't really affect the Roliqians, who managed to coexist with the Ingerish settlers. However, new laws in the late 1950's banned speaking in Roliqian, and even celebrating Roliqian festivals, as they were seen as "barbaric". Roliqians were banned from voting in elections, and eventually it led to mass revolts. Ingerish government buildings were bombed, and eventually Ingerland decided to let Roliqia free.

Communist Years

1963 CE - 1966 CE Seimi Woniqqotenei became the new president of Roliqia. She made Roliqia a Communist country, but citizens were still allowed free speech to a limited extent and they were allowed to move around freely.

Pasalian Imperialism

1966 CE - 1972 CE Unhappy that Roliqia became a communist country, Pasalia invaded Roliqia. Anyone who showed support for the previous communist government was sent to jails. LGBT rights were banned, and anyone who was LGBT was sent to "rehabilitation facilities" which tortured them. Tribal people from the mountains were forced into bigger cities where they became "civilized". Eventually, the Roliqian people launched a coup. They assassinated the leader of the puppet state, and mangled his corpse.

Modern Roliqia

1972 CE - Present day Roliqia promised to become a democracy, and since then, it has flourished. Despite its past, Pasalia is one of Roliqia's closest allies.



Roliqia is a Grassroots Democracy, meaning that the people get a say and get to vote on many things. There are presidential elections every 4 years. Roliqia uses a Single Transferable Vote system.

Foreign Relations

Roliqia has close ties with Pasalia and Shadze-Ma. It is part of the Antarephian Alliance (AnA), and has good ties with its member states.

Political Divisions

Political Ideology

Roliqia is an extremely liberal country. In fact, in 191 CE, there were stone carvings showing two princes getting married. The only time same-sex marriage has been banned was during the years that Roliqia was an Ingerish colony and part of Pasalia. Also, marijuana is completely legal for recreational uses. Roliqia has very strict discrimination laws that ban discrimination of ethnic group, gender, sexual identity, gender identity, age (obviously children are still banned from doing drugs, driving, etc.), and nationality.



The north of the country is very densely populated, as much of it falls under the Tuquxia Metropolitan Area, while the south of the country, despite it being much bigger than the north, has less than 25% of the population because it is covered in mountains and forest. Only one major city, Onekotana, is located in the south.


Roliqia features a rainy oceanic climate (Cfb).