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histor = G. Henderson, F. Branson, J. McPearson, E. Gregman, T. Hutlington, E. Fitzallan

User:Luziyca: A. Dufour, E. Mongrain, B. Dumais

user:Brunanter - Pinault, Lt. Gen. Nickerson

User:Ernestpcosby - Joseph Gramercy II, Matthew Doremaute

User:Luciano - see Notable Makaskans

User:TheMayor - Sauganash, William Thomas, Preston Caldwell, Jennifer Jacobson

User:Whateversusan - Addison Ellis Drake, Alexandre Williams, Elijah Ellis

User:Yoyo21 - J. Sutton, E. Peters, C. Gunter, J. Kezar, O. Prohorkin


Can we refrain from adding these until term limits and first year of first president is in place and canon? Rhiney boi (talk) 19:00, 4 May 2019 (CEST)