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Warning! This article is currently in the sandbox. Any terms and names used in this article are not official, but are solely for the purpose of conversation with other users about the history of Paroy.

This page summarises all events in the history of (the creation of) the Paroyan Republic, per era.

Timeline of Paroyan history
Name Years
UnitedStatesOfParoy.png Veronan Colonies 1612 - 1733
No flag.png Commonwealth of Paroy 1733 - 1815
IndependentStatesOfParoyFlag.png Paroyan Confederation 1815 - 1846
ParoyFlag.png Paroyan Republic Since 1846

Precolonial Era (early - 1500)

Early Colonial Era (1500 - 1650)

16th century


17th century

Flag of the Veronan Colonies
  • 1612: Foundation of the Veronan Colonies, a group of Ingerish colonies on the west coast of Paroy.
  • 1626: Trevers officially becomes capital of the Veronan Colonies.

Late Colonial Era (1650 - 1733)

17th century

18th century

Confederate Era (1733 - 1850)

18th century

19th century

Flag of the Independent of Paroy
  • 1815: The Commonwealth of Paroy forms the confederate Independent States of Paroy.
  • 1843: Start of the Franquese Paroyan War, Independent States of Paroy against Franquese Paroyan Republic.
  • 1846
    • May 21: Unification of the Independent States of Paroy and the Franquese Paroyan Republic, together form the Federal Republic of Paroy. Coleraine becomes the capital of the federation.
    • May 24: Creation of the Federal Capital District, which creates a seperate territory in 50% once ISP territory and 50% in once FRP territory.
    • Jun 1: First federal president Geoffrey Madison is chosen.

Unified Era (1850 - 1910)

19th century

  • 1864: Start of the First Paroyan Civil War.
  • 1866: End of the First Paroyan Civil War.
  • 1873: Ardoin Trade League in war.
  • 1879: Paroy secedes from the Ardoin Trade League.

20th century

Resistance Era (1910 - 1960)

1910 - 1940

  • 1908
    • Aug 10: Opening of first underground city railway section from Trevers Unity Station to Trevers Waverly station (now Waverly Cross) in Trevers.
  • 1911
  • 1918
    • Jan 19-21: End of the Second Paroyan Civil War and the First Anarchic Revolution.

1940 - 1960

Modern Era (1960 - now)