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9, 43.8821, 129.9792
Wo̊ltta (Eshen)
Map of Volta Island
Basic Information
CountryEsheinflag.png Eshein
Mergany Flag.png Mergany
Viljanni Flag.png Viljanni
Largest settlementViljanni

Volta (['vɒltɑː], Eshen: Wo̊ltta ['vɔ:ltɑː]) is an island located between the Darcodian Sea and the Gulf of Volta with the Southern Strait in its north and Strait of Owneheym in its south. It is the second biggest island in the Gulf of Volta (which is named after this island), after the Island of Mergany. The island consist parts of three countries: Mergany (Wabern) in the north, Viljanni in the east and Eshein (Keswerg) in the south. The biggest cities on the island are Viljanni, Northriver and Gausbrug.