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I'm from the United Kingdom. I've been creating OGF maps since 2013.

My main interest in OGF is that I like maps and making things, but also because I see the chance to share my concept for a country that actually lives up to my ideals - vaguely Finno-Scandinavian but with elements of Central Europe as well and with my own particular political and social outlook. I feel it's important to create a believable cultural background for the three lands that I've divided my territory into, as well as an exciting landscape. In short, somewhere I would actually want to live, for Karolia at least. So there is an element of the whole project being an endless 'thought experiment' in linguistics, politics and other areas, and also a blurring of the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

I also like making things in real life that are 'from' these countries. So far I've cooked a series of Karolian meals, made football shirts for Karolia, Meridonia and Säntjana Linna FC and designed some banknotes to print. I also make 3D digital models and have started trying out some 3D prints of things from the OGF universe.

My countries:

Karolia flag.png Karolia A mixture of Finland, Estonia and Germany, with a sub-region based on Hungary and Romania and with influences of Dutch, Czech and Austrian culture, Karolia is a modern liberal federal democracy with two official languages. The country was originally located in Archanta but moved to Uletha in 2015 to fit in better with the climate. Karolia is progressive politically and is noted for its football, music and cycling culture.

Meridonia flag.png Meridonia Meridonia is a micro-state surrounded by Karolia. It is a monarchy based on San Marino, Lichtenstein and Andorra and has a Romance official language. Much of the culture is similar to Karolia, but the economy is very heavily weighted towards banking and funds which give to opportunity to create some shady financial dealings.

Arataran flag.png Arataran Arataran was originally the north part of Karolia when located in Archanta, but has become a country itself since the move. The economy and culture is more like the ex-Soviet republics in Asia, Iran and the Caucasus, with a vaguely middle-eastern religion and hot, mountainous landscape.

Elhadia flag.png Elhadia Elhadia is a collaborative territory using the location of the old Karolia. It is a developing country with similarities to sub-Saharan and west Africa and an agrarian and mining economy. Elhadia has seen a fair bit of political instability and is largely desert and sahal.


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