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(List largely adapted from Ernestpkirby's list)

This is a list of companies from (and some from outside) TCC countries where you may map locations in other TCC countries (and globally) without need for advanced notice. If you are a TCC member, you may add your country's franchises to this list, so long as you acknowledge that these brands may be used outside your country without your knowledge.

Please try to keep list entries alphabetical...

Primary Sector - Resource Extraction/Acquisition


  • Jongo - Airannia based company managing and exploiting plantations and orchards.

Mining companies/mineral extraction

  • Dormier (Corporation Dormier) - Cabelia based organisation owning and operating mines around the world, varnel_maiser.

Secondary Sector - Manufacturing/Processing

These are companies who may have factories built in other TCC countries. Since those factories are pretty big, you may want to contact the "owner" of the company.

Auto manufacturers

This may also extend to auto dealerships.

-owns luxury brand Jazzalini, most dealerships would be labeled Starmobile-Jazzalini
  • Sylvène - Cabelia based luxury auto brand with manufacturing in Freedemian factories, varnel_maiser.

Beverage bottling and distribution

Heavy vehicle/rolling stock manufacturers

  • Celeste - Paroy based manufacturer of trains, trams and rail infrastructure and systems, PortCal.
  • Condravion - Cabelia based manufacturer of planes, trucks, and heavy utility vehicles, varnel_maiser.
  • Starmobility - Freedemia based manufacturer of buses, trucks, RVs, and occasional rail cars owned by Starmobile, Ernestpkirby.
  • Ulano-Lorande - Cabelia based manufacturer of trains and trams, joint-owned with a company based in Geklinia-Dregolesia, varnel_maiser.

Military/arms manufacturers

Tertiary Sector - Services/Retail


  • Plick - Freedemia based building toy and assembly furniture company, owns PeaceByPiece (see retailers)

Financial services


  • Banco Uno- Barzona based bank
  • Bank of Tarephia - Vodeo based bank with locations across Tarephia
  • Credibanc - Barzona based bank
  • CN Banque National (National Bank of Cabelia) - Cabelia based bank
  • EfficiBank- Freedemia based bank
  • PNB- Paroy based bank

Currency Exchange

  • Globexchange- Freedemia based currency exchange company with international locations


Fast Food

  • A Onda - Fast-food chain from Barzona
  • Baleadas & Semitas - Fast-food chain from Barzona
  • Baguette&Bagel - a fancier sandwich and soup fast-food chain from Freedemia
  • DrumRoll- chicken fast food place known for their drumsticks and sweet rolls from Freedemia
  • Krispy - Fried chicken fast-food chain from Barzona
  • MangeMarche - Fast-food chain from Cabelia
  • Morena - Allendean fast food, traditional Allendean cuisine
  • Nacho King - Nacho centered Latin fast food from Paroy
  • Pizacyro Hero - Freedemian cuisine fast food chain from Freedemia
  • Sabrosa- an upscale Ridimidan (aka Castellanese-Freedemian) fast food restaurant from Freedemia
  • Sand Castle - Seafood fast food chain from Freedemia
  • StarBurgers - very widespread burger chain from Freedemia

Other restaurants (slow food?)

  • Candie's Tea- tea, boba, and smoothies chain from Freedemia
  • ChaiTemps- Bubble tea chain from Cabelia
  • CoffeeBreaks- Breakfast and coffee chain from Freedemia
  • Donut Emporium- Donut/dessert and coffee chain from Freedemia
  • Icey - Ice cream shop from Paroy
  • Indy's - Pizza and wing place from Paroy
  • Thé St. Jean - Bubble tea chain from Cabelia


Big-box stores

  • Art&Office- Freedemia based arts and crafts + office supply store.
  • Bricogar - Barzona based DIY/home improvement store
  • Delaunay - Barzona based fancy department store
  • Dey's - Freedemia based fancy department store, owns Heydey. (Canonically in decline, use sparingly)
  • Futurá - Airannia based electronics store
  • Klappersacks - Vodeo based department store
  • Henson's - Paroy based bookstore
  • Heydey - Freedemia based discount department store, owned by Dey's.
  • PeaceByPiece - Freedemia based assembly furniture and home goods store owned by Plick (see brands)
  • Readmoore Books - Freedemia based bookstore
  • TechPlaza - Paroy based electronics store
  • Vynsyt - Airannia based furniture store

Clothing, outlets, etc

  • Cassalls - Barzona based bag/leather company
  • Century Z - Paroy based clothing company
  • De Oro - Allendea based clothing company
  • Erica - Airannia based clothing company
  • ESSE - Barzona based cosmetic company
  • M'Appareil - Paroy based clothing company
  • Traffic - Barzona based clothing company (fast fashion)
  • undercover - Barzona based clothing company (fast fashion)

Markets and convenience

  • All-n-One- Freedemia based hypermarket company (localized variants with unrelated names are welcome, just tell Ernestpkirby)
  • Bonprix - Allendea based hypermarket
  • Convenience Corner- Freedemia based convenience store
  • Emmène - Allendea based supermarket
  • En Masse- Freedemia based bulk store
  • Evryday- Freedemia based convenience store
  • Franklin's- Freedemia based supermarket company, owner of All-n-One and En Masse
  • Gigante - Barzona based hypermarket company
  • Ipermarket - Barzona based supermarket company
  • Ipershop - Barzona based convenience store
  • Little - Cabelia based mini-supermarket company
  • MarketPlus - Paroy based supermarket/hypermarket company
  • Nightshift- Paroy based convenience store
  • Obá Dalá - Airannia based minimarket, often found in small villages
  • Origins - Paroy based supermarket company
  • ORDI - Allendea based supermarket
  • Valuigi - Freedemia based supermarket company, often with smaller or more urban locations
  • Voler - Allendea based supermarket



  • Adre Hadre - Airannia based liquor store.
  • clEan- Freedemia based charging stations.
  • Fuelo - Paroy based gas station.
  • Fuelo Green - charging stations

Software and Technology

  • Colour - Vodeo based computer company
  • Cyclo - Paroy based computer company
  • Macrohard Mainframes - Tigeria based data center and data storage solutions.
  • MegamerGames - Freedemia based video game company
  • Rayos - Allendea based software and computer company
  • Stepstone - Freedemia based computer company

Venture Capital

(Please limit venture capital firms' offices to cities with intense startup activity or growth activity where securing equity funds is needed for expansion, and where flying out to Hexagonia City, Tigeria is not feasible.)

  • Archangel Capital Management - Tigeria based angel/seed capital
  • Ascot Capital - Tigeria based venture capital
  • Chandra, Soong, and Aralong Ventures - Tigeria based venture capital
  • Des Tigres Capital Ventures - Tigeria based venture capital
  • Egg Harbor Capital - Tigeria based seed capital
  • Gallerie Bleue Fund - Tigeria based Series A, B, and C capital
  • Goron, Sozelle, and Moore Capital - Tigeria based venture capital
  • Isingkangi Ventures - Tigeria based venture capital
  • Ko Saga Fund - Tigeria based venture capital
  • Strathdale Capital - Tigeria based venture capital
  • TareTechnology Fund - Tigeria based venture capital
  • Waterlight Fund - Tigeria based venture capital

Qurternary Sector - Information/Nerd Services

| This article (at least, the first paragraph) from wikipedia explains pretty well what the Quaternary sector encompasses. Where the Tertiary Sector would deal with the maintenance and sale of computers, Quaternary Sector activities would use those computers to generate, study, and analyse information. Further, the Quaternary Sector would also deal with distributing the results of the information.

If your job is strictly to move information around, extract information from something, or analyse information, you are a Quaternary Sector worker.

  • R&D
  • Science-related work
  • IT
  • Network-related sections
  • Government
  • Media (News and Entertainment)
  • Television Production
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Finance-related work

Communication services

  • Arobase Industries - Tigeria based email service provider
  • Communications Satastar SA - Cabelia based satellite television and internet service provider

Phone carriers

  • Freephone - Allendea based phone carrier
  • LTC - Barzona(?) based phone carrier
  • mito. - Freedemia based prepaid phone carrier/service provider. (Short for mitochondria- the powerhouse of the cellphone)
  • Zoro - Paroy based phone carrier/service provider.


Information services

  • Icebridge Systems - Tigeria based networking solutions for businesses and consumers
  • Ping! Search Engines - Tigeria based search engine for the internet.
  • Sextant Networks - Tigeria based networking solutions for businesses and consumers
  • Tiger Eye Cybersecurity - Tigeria based cybersecurity solutions for businesses and consumers


  • Presses Généraux/General Presses - Tigeria based non-profit news agency providing coverage of current events worldwide (Note: A maximum of 100-125 bureaus--for reference, Associated Press has 99 bureaus in the United States, and 87 international bureaus)
  • Progress World Network - A major network based in Freedemia providing global news coverage. Would likely have news centers in a few Lycene cities outside Freedemia

Research and development


Social media

  • Jonquil - Tigeria based social networking platform for users to connect with friends, family, colleagues and more. Also a platform for businesses to connect with users
  • Thoughtbite- Freedemia based social media company, known for short posts (thoughbites) but with the ability to write longer ones (thoughts)
  • Yarn, Inc. - Tigeria based microblogging platform for users to share their thoughts of the day.

Think tanks

Outside TCC

The following companies come from outside the TCC, but may be mapped as well. This list is grandfathered from Ernestpkirby's list. Almost all of these companies are mapped on a retail level.


  • Khaiwoon Taco Factory - Gobrassanya-based Khaiwoonese taco fast food (technically not TCC but used in neighboring TCC countries)


  • ABAKUS - Izaland based store for bags, watches and luxury accessories, worldwide diffusion
  • Kiseidān (輝清堂) - Izaland based cosmetics brand
  • Mi:nuks - Izaland based store for bags, wallets, rucksacks, e-watches, hats, skating equipment and other city sports fashion
  • Samix - Izaland based sportswear company, similar to RW Nike, Asics, etc.
  • Yodoshiya - fast-food rice bowl (konufudoa) chain from Izaland


  • Lucca - Kofuku based auto manufacturer known for electric vehicles


  • Al Jafari - Mazan based auto dealer/manufacturer
  • Habib - Mazan based phone-making company
  • Kabadbad - fast food international kebab chain from Mazan
  • Rabih - Mazan based auto dealer/manufacturer
  • Tasamma - Mazan based small tech shops


Unknown Origin

  • ForYou - Clothing store
  • GoodBuy - Convenience store with separate Freedemian operations. NOTE: Not to be confused with the FSA based GUDBY.
  • Le Radiuse - Boutique store
  • Shoes Won't go Loose - Footware store
  • Yourtime - Perfume stores