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| style="text-align:right;" | <!-- Round to the nearest mi² before converting to km². -->
| style="text-align:right;" | <!-- Round to the nearest mi² before converting to km². -->
| {{Relation|89432|Map}}
| {{Relation|89432|Map}}
| {{Osaquoya}}
| OQ
| [[St. Joseph]]
| style="text-align:right;" |
| style="text-align:right;" | 19,745 (51,140) <!-- Round to the nearest mi² before converting to km². -->
| {{Relation|90152|Map}}

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Federal States of Archanta
Federal States
Flag of the Federal States

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"Semper Libertas"
Liberty Forever
Largest cityStanton
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesFranquese, Castellanese, Native Archantan Languages
DemonymEffesian, Archantan
GovernmentFederal Republic
 • President
 • Vice President
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseHouse of Representatives
 • Total3,487,000 km2
1,346,000 sq mi
CurrencyFederal States Dollar ($)

The Federal States of Archanta (abbreviated as FSA), more commonly known as the Federal States (abbreviated as FS) is a country in southern Archanta. It consists of XX states, one Capital District, and XX overseas territories. It spans 1.3 million square miles (3.5 million square kilometers), making it one of the largest countries in the world. It borders Ardencia and Deodeca to the south and south-west, AR027 to the north, and Randalia and Unesia to the north-east. The capital is Huntington, CP, and its largest city is Stanton (???).






States of the Federal States
Name Code Capital City Largest City Population Area in mi² (km²) Map Notes
Alormen Flag.jpg Alormen AL Alamar Andreapolis 17,500,000 412,584 (159,300) Map
Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland AW Silverdale Silverdale 2,683,830 5,550 (14,374) Map Formerly part of Tejoma, then split to make Native Archantan territory, then state.
Template:Aquilia AQ Artonsville Nenova 623,970 23,508 (60,886) Map
Flag of Arecales.png Arecales AR Arecales Town Arecales Town 10,488 (27,164) Map Overseas territory.
Template:Arghenna AG Hammond Dunchurch Map
Template:Astrantia AS Hope Harbor Hope Harbor Map
Template:Atascadera AT Map
Template:Belirias BE Santa Clarita Map Very Mountainous region, Most of the population centers are on the coast.
Template:Huntington CP Huntington Huntington Map CP for CaPital. Officially, the CP is not a state, but instead a district.
ClamashFlag.png Clamash CL Clifford Wahanta Map
Template:Cosperica CO Sta.Maria de la Esperanza Map
Flag of Costa Dorada.png Costa Dorada CD Fort Harris Scottsboro 20,920 (54,183) Map
Template:Culpepper CR Hearthsbridge Divinity's Grace 2,100,000 3,061 (7,929) Map
Template:Delenshire Islands DI Saint Renecene Map
Template:East Massodeya EM Casparis Map
4 FSA Elway.png Elway EY Bronson City San Bruno Map Former Arlington (state).
Template:Eustacia EU Hazelboro Hazelboro 29,288 (75,856) Map
Template:Fellshire FL Fulton Meyersburg Map
Template:Gilliad GL Map
Template:Gnaerey GY South Minneauka South Minneauka 22,959 (59,464) Map
Flag of Laine.png Laine LN Hálison and Orterrado Orterrado Map
Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska MK Marksville Ohunkagan 4,000,000 6,879 (17,818) Map
Template:Mennowa ME Fort Constable Minneuka 44,196 (114,467) Map
Template:Michisaukee MC Darsons Massodeya City Map
Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan MN Thomasford Lake City 18,698 (48,428) Map
Template:New Carnaby NC Waltmore Stanton 36,016 (93,281) Map
DrapeauFSA-NI.svg Nishowigan NI Wytusky Wychelle 1,881,000 21,518 (55,732) Map
Template:Oakhill OH Gilbertville Aerwinya 2,100,000 805 (2,084) Map
Template:Oakley OK Map
Oronotiaflag.png Oronotia OT Map
Template:Passamaqueets PA Map
Template:Penquisset PQ Newburyport Warwick 6,643,201 2,989 (7,741) Map
New Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos RP Colurona Swansonville 7,830,000 Map
Template:Seneppi SN Personsboro Wallawaukee 4,072,877 23,475 (60,799) Map Over 3/4ths of population is Wallawaukee & suburbs.
Flag of Sierra (front).png Sierra SA Elvira Dennison 3,700,000 52,544 (136,088) Map The traditional/historic state code of Sra. is commonly used.
Template:Tauhon TA Jundah 10,489,220 28,565 (73,983) Map
Template:Tejoma TJ Iron Fence Apricity 27,792 (71,148) Map
Tempache flag.png Tempache TM San Pablo Los Reyes Map
FlagTennewa.png Tennewa TE Chottane Barstone 1,779,491 23,844 (61,756) Map
Template:Trinity Island TI Worthington Worthington 1,432,784 4,102 (10,624) Map
Template:Wahauja WJ Fort Braxton San Alonzo 1,751,517 22,542 (58,383) Map
Template:West Massodeya WM Caldwell City Caldwell City Map
Template:Zakahigan ZH Plainsburgh Maquadena Map

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