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In this page I intend to list all embassies and consulates in and of Demirhan Empire, Lorantis and Dregovine. Dead countries are not listed. If I omitted an embassy or consulate, feel free to add it to the table. If you want to establish relations write to me somewhere, even on talk page of this site.

Country Demirhan Empire Lorantis Dregovine
In Turquese In Empire Abroad In Lorantian In Lorantis Abroad In Dregovinian In Dregovine Abroad
Aden New Flag.png Aden Aden embassy embassy
Flag of Antharia.svg Antharia Antarya embassy embassy
Flag of Ardencia.svg Ardencia Erdenkiye embassy Ardencya embassy Ardencyja embassy
Template:Arion Aryon embassy Arion embassy Arjon embassy
Flagarquitenie.png Arquitenie Arkitan embassy Arquitan embassy Arkvitania embassy
Bai flag.png Bai Empire Bai İmparatorluğu embassy Bajskaja Impieryja embassy
Template:Castellan Kastellan embassy
Republic of Cinasia.png Cinasia Cynasyja embassy
Template:Commonwealth of Central Archanta Merkez Arkanta Topluluğu embassy embassy Reč Paspalita Centrałnej Arkanty embassy embassy
Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti Demirhanin Durhaiç embassy embassy Demirhanskaja Impieryja embassy embassy
Dregovine flag.png Dregovine Dregövin embassy embassy Dregovina embassy embassy
Template:Drull Drul Üçretsiz Devleti embassy
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Arkanta Federal Devletleri embassy embassy Faederailak Arkantak Staidol embassy embassy Fiederałne Ziamia Arkanty embassy embassy
FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia Özgür Ridemye embassy embassy
UL14b flag.png Geklinia-Dregolesia Jeklin-Dregöles embassy Jeklina-Dregolesya embassy Žeklinija-Dregolezyja embassy
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Gobrasanya embassy Gobrassanya embassy Gobrasanyja embassy
Gt-flag.png Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth Grise-Tiran embassy
Izaland flag.png Izaland İzalan embassy embassy İzaland embassy embassy Izaland embassy embassy
Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Kaiwoon embassy
FlagKofuku.jpg Kofuku Kofuk embassy
Flag of Kuehong.png Kuehong Kehön embassy
Flag Lany.png Łany Lanı embassy Łany embassy
Template:Lechia Lechia embassy
Flag-le.png Leresso Lereso embassy embassy
Lorantian Flag.png Lorantis Lorantıs embassy embassy Lorantis embassy embassy
Template:Majesia Mahese embassy
Malësoria flag - Timboh01.svg Malesoria Melesöriye embassy embassy Malesur embassy embassy Malesoryja embassy embassy
Mallyorianflag.png Mallyore Malyora embassy Malioryja embassy
Mazan Flag.png Mazan Mazan embassy
Template:Mecyna Mekına embassy
Template:Midistland Midistland embassy Midistlandyja embassy
Template:Podolia Podolya embassy Padollie embassy
Flag of Plevia.svg Plevia Pleve embassy
FlagQennes.png Qennes Kanıs embassy embassy Kaneş embassy embassy Kaneša embassy embassy
Template:Randalia Randalya embassy
Template:Ruoguovvas Rugovas embassy embassy Ruoguovas embassy embassy Rugovas embassy embassy
Flag-se.png Semanya Sımaniye embassy Semani embassy Semanija embassy
Flag of Suria.png Suria Süriye embassy embassy Suria embassy embassy Suryja embassy embassy
Teotiyolcan-flag.png Teotiyolcan Teyötiyolkan embassy Teotiyolkan embassy Teotijolkan embassy
Template:Wallea Vale embassy
FlagZalivnia.png Zalivnia Zalivnia embassy