West Massodeya

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Flag of West Massodeya State of West Massodeya

Capital: Caldwell City
Population: 3,456,789 (estimated) (2021)
Motto: "United and Free"

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West Massodeya is a state located in the East Central Region of the Federal States. The state is defined by is fertile prairies and river valleys. The Alormen River marks the western boundary and its southwestern boundary with Mennowa. The Jericho and Thinis metropolitan areas spill over into West Massodeya across this river. The southern border is marked by the Massodeya River, separating it from Gnaerey. Reeseport is the second largest city in West Massodeya and the largest on this river between Massodeya City and the confluence with the Alormen River. To the east is East Massodeya, and Alormen borders the state to the north. The capital and largest city is Caldwell City.

West Massodeya was a historical crossroads for western expansion from the mid-Ardentic states to the northwest. West Massodeya was originally settled in the last half of the 18th century and early part of the 19th century. Settlers, primarily from the eastern states, arrived in the Massodeya River valley and eventually spread through the region. The Massodeya Territory was established, and ultimately split into two states upon statehood. Later, a branch of the transcontinental railroad network from Huntington to Sierra was constructed through the state. Its culture is still largely dominated by the historical agriculture and transportation along the rivers, motorways, and railroads.

Administrative divisions

West Massodeya is administratively divided into 32 counties.

Counties of West Massodeya
Name Abbrev. Map Largest City Estimated population Area (km²) Area (mi²)
County Admont AD Map 30,000 2760.18 1065.71
County Bastelle BA Map Caldwell City 500,000 2763.70 1067.07
County Bell BE Map 25,000 2610.34 1007.86
County Bloomfield BL Map Brighton 40,000 2259.38 872.35
County Caldwell CA Map Caldwell's Crossing 105,000 3992.02 1541.33
County Clark CL Map Clark Center 40,000 4796.14 1851.80
County Davis DA Map Reeseport 425,000 2126.31 820.97
County Douglas DO Map Gibson 40,000 2502.02 966.03
County Drummond DM Map Oirane 125,000 4651.78 1796.06
County Edgewick ED Map Morrison 30,000 5178.57 1999.46
County FitzAllen FA Map Stratton 45,000 6930.84 2676.01
County Girard GI Map Cookeville or Richards 30,000 2766.75 1068.25
County Gramercy GM Map Gramercy 40,000 2412.69 931.54
County Hambleton HA Map Boggs City 25,000 3020.29 1166.14
County Henderson HE Map Manniton 80,000 5817.37 2246.10
County Huntington HU Map Fort Graham 100,000 4208.26 1624.82
County Jospeh JO Map Jospehsburg 28,000 2918.58 1126.87
County Katz KZ Map Balaban 25,000 3499.57 1351.19
County Larkin LA Map Oil Plains 30,000 3472.99 1340.93
County Massodeya MA Map 25,000 2507.81 968.27
County McPearson MP Map Huntington 80,000 6776.09 2616.26
County Mennowa ME Map Riverview 35,000 3640.17 1405.48
County Moraine MO Map Mossdale 55,000 7145.55 2758.91
County Murphy MY Map Westchester 30,000 5198.01 2006.96
County Norris NR Map Belleville 75,000 2732.44 1055.00
County Platt PL Map New Burton 75,000 3863.02 1491.52
County Remington RE Map 25,000 4123.83 1592.22
County Spring SP Map Stentson 20,000 4233.70 1634.64
County Thomas TO Map Thomasburg 30,000 3115.96 1203.08
County Two Rivers TR Map 60,000 3691.44 1425.27
County Vernor VR Map Fairfield 25,000 2342.87 904.59
County Westfall WE Map 27,000 3479.56 1343.37


Highways System

West Massodeya highway shield

West Massodeya has its own state highway system and a collection of Federal States motorways. The national motorways in the state are FS-1, FS-50, and FS-55.

  • Federal States Highway 50: A transcontinental motorway that skirts the northern edges of the Massodeya River between Massodeya City and Thinis. It provides access to Reeseport and Fort Graham.
  • Federal States Highway 55: A north–south motorway that roughly parallels the Alormen River.
  • Federal States Highway 160: This short auxiliary route is that serves as an extension of FS-60 in Jericho and connects to FS-55.
  • Federal States Highway 45: This highway is not presently mapped but has been allotted to West Massodeya, Gnaerey, and other central states as a north-south corridor to connect Caldwell City, Reeseport, and points south. Collaboration with neighboring states will determine if this route will be mapped.

Highway Log

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