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Flag of Wisecota State of Wisecota
The Great Seal of The State of Wisecota

Capital: Juniper Bay
Population: 2,532,021 (2020)
Motto: "La prospérité se forge sur le dos de l'endurance." ("Prosperity is forged upon the back of endurance.")

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Wisecota, officially the State of Wisecota, is a state in the southwestern Federal States. Wisecota has just over 2.5 million in population, with many concentrated in urban areas. The state's most prominent geographical feature are the two large bays in the south that are seperated from Lake Wihinapa by the Rochaix Archipelago. Wisecota borders the neighbouring states of Makaska, Wauseka, and Ossasitan, and has an international border with Ardencia through Onatino. Wisecota has a largely timber and agriculture dominant economy, with minor manufacturing, mining, and smelting industries. The state's climate has allowed for breweries and vineyards to develop significantly and now provide for 5% of state jobs.

The largest city in Wisecota is Saigeohn, which is a historically important lakeport and manufacturing center. The city is now more focused on medical and educational facilities, with the majority of high-performing schools in Wisecota located here. As industry has become less prominent in Saigeohn, some areas of previous industrial activity have been gentrified and redeveloped as new residential and commercial areas.

The state capital, Juniper Bay, was originally a Franquese trade post on the journey from Ardencia to the central Federal States. Through Federal ownership, Juniper Bay became a lakeport and economic hub for central Wisecota, and connected many of the smaller towns to the rest of the FSA. The city remains an important economic and industrial center and is home to many of Wisecota's large companies.

Other cities include:

Kahsaka River sits on the mouth of the Kahsaka River that flows from Lake Ashani to Lake Wihinapa and is mainly a service town along the FS-55. The city's metropolitan area serves a significant agricultural and fishing industry. It also serves to act as the first major urban zone for people travelling from Ardencia into the FSA, as the borderside is dominated by the protected Isthmus Lakes State Park.

Seewachewa sits roughly between Saigeohn and Juniper Bay and accordingly, is a major funnel for transport routes and economic flow. The city is home to a large defense sector, with the state's National Guard base being next to the city.

Cambacere is located on the crossroads of W XX and the FS-55. It acts as the urban center that serves the Valterra River valley and adjacent agricultural area. The city is home to a large Franquese diaspora, which is reflected in the city's street names and historical sites.



Early History






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Geography of Wisecota
RegionEast Lakes
Population2,532,021 (2020)
• Total35,806.54 km2
13,824.98 sq mi
Population density70.7 km2
183.1 sq mi

Major Features

The most prominent feature of the state is Flambeau Bay, which takes up a large portion of central Wisecota.

Separating the Bay from Lake Wihinapa is the Rochaix Archipelago, most of which have permanent residents. The smallest of the islands is Marquinas Island, known for prohibiting motor vehicles, starting in the early 1900s. The island is also home to the only numbered route in the FSA that prohibits motor vehicles.

The center to northern areas of the state are hilly and a mix of forest and arable land


Politics and Government

Government icon (black).svg
Government of Wisecota
Parliamentary Republic
CapitalJuniper Bay
Head of state
• Governor
• Premier
• Upper houseCabinet
• Lower houseState Assembly
JudiciarySupreme Court of The State of Wisecota
Major political parties
  Native Peoples

State Government

Administrative Divisions



Wisecota has a wide variety of industries, but is not as prominent as it once was.


The largest contributor to the economy is agriculture products, followed closely by mining/digging for various materials, including copper, clay, and stones

Logging and Manufacturing are also major contributors, but are not as influential.


Tourism has some prevalence in the Rochaix archipelago, as well as in the Saigeohn Metro area.



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Demographics of Wisecota
DemonymWisecotan, Wisecoater
Recognized minority languagesFranquese, Native

Native Population



State Trunkline System



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