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This table is a replication of the admin_level table at the OSM wiki, showing how the admin_level tag is applied to each country. You are free to edit this table, adding your countries. Keep it alphabetical and keep your entries compact.

Country 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Template:Adaria N/A National Border N/A States Provinces, Prefectures Municipalities N/A City Districts Neigborhoods N/A
Template:Aden N/A National Border N/A Governorates Kaza City Municipality City Districts Neighborhoods N/A
Template:Airannia N/A National Border N/A Provinces Departments Municipalities N/A Cities, Towns, Villages, or Metropolitan Municipalities N/A Suburbs
Template:Allendea N/A Federal Border N/A Provinces Automous linguistic communities Departments N/A Municipalities Communes of cities N/A
30px Ammirice N/A Federal Border Principality States N/A Municipalities N/A Zonas N/A N/A
Template:Antharia N/A National Border Provinces (Provincii) Counties (Județe) N/A Communes (Plăși)
Municipalities (Municipii)
N/A Krays (Kraïțe) N/A Arrondissements (Arondismente) of bigger municipalities
Template:Aorangëa N/A Federal Border Nations Provinces of Anglesbury Districts of Naora Shires N/A Municipalities, City districts N/A N/A
Template:Ardisphere N/A national border N/A federal subjects (Departamento / Colonia / Distrito Federal) Villa Constitución, which encloses 17 county-equivalents (delegaciones) county-equivalents (Comuna / Delegación / Sir / 군 [-gun]) non-self-governing subdivisions of county-equivalents, i.e. "townships" (municipio) various self-governing municipal governments (cities, towns, villages) neighborhoods and wards (barrio) N/A
Template:Ataraxia N/A National Border Federal Regions and Haut-Var SAR Provinces and Provincial-level Cities (Ataraxia City, Léopoldville, Oyonnax) N/A Cantons, Independent Cities N/A Communes, Arrondissements of Provincial-level cities City wards, neighborhoods, unincorporated lieux-dits N/A
Template:Belgravia N/A National Border N\A Provinces; Districts (Províncias; Distritos) Counties (Comarcas) Cities; Towns (Cidades; Municípios) N\A City and Town Districts (Distritos Municipais) N\A Village; Neighborhood (Bairros)
Template:Belphenia N/A National Border States, special divisions, city-states Prefectures Metropolitan or Statistical areas Counties Special cities Cities, towns, and villages City districts and neighbourhoods Localities, isolated dwellings, hamlets
Template:Brasonia N/A National Border N\A Provinces; Districts (Províncias; Distritos) Counties (Comarcas) Cities; Towns (Cidades; Municípios) N\A City and Town Districts (Distritos Municipais) N\A Village; Neighborhood (Bairros)
Template:Broceliande N/A National Border N\A Provinces N\A Métropoles N\A Municipalités Quartiers N\A
Template:Cariocas N/A National Border N\A Provinces; Districts (Províncias; Distritos) Counties (Comarcas) Cities; Towns (Cidades; Municípios) N\A City and Town Districts (Distritos Municipais) N\A Village; Neighborhood (Bairros)
Template:Cernou N/A National BorderTemplate:Ref N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Feudal Manor/fiefdom (will be re-designated as history moves on) N/A N/A
Template:Cordinia N/A National Border N/A Provinces N/A Districts N/A Cities, Towns, Villages Hamlets Neighborhoods
Template:Demirhanlı Devleti N/A national border Bölgeler (regions) Eyaleti (states) N/A Sancaki (flags), şehirler (cities) N/A Ilçeler (cities districts) N/A N/A
Template:Drabantia[1] N/A National border N/A N/A Regions (kraje) Districts (okresy) Townships (pověřené obce) Municipalities (obce) City districts (městské obvody)

Neighborhoods (městské části)

Cadastral territories (katastrální území)
Template:Duncanheim N/A National Border N/A N/A N/A Canton N/A Level One Municipality, usually cities and towns N/A Level Two Municipality, boroughs within cities, rural villages
Template:Aorangëa N/A National Border N/A N/A N/A Shires N/A Municipalities, City districts N/A N/A
Template:Erzaleria N/A National Border Erzaleria City Districts Nami Towns and villages Highway interchanges Localities Battle of Shirahoshi Memorial Garden Volkman period Memorial Park
Template:Esthyra[2] N/A National border N/A Regions (Erilyn, Callemagne, Paglobeclaca) N/A Cities / Counties N/A Districts (if within city) / Towns (if within county) N/A N/A
Template:Goytakanya N/A National Border N\A Districts (Dystryt) N\A Cities; Towns (Abhad, Astan) N\A N\A N\A Village (Lugaz)
Template:Iscu N/A National Border N\A Territories N\A N\A N\A N\A N\A Town/Village
Template:Ispelia N/A National Border N/A Federal States Regions Federal Capital (Fortuna) Cities Municipalities N/A N/A
Template:Maessigerland N/A national border N/A provinces (Do and To) Special Administrative Region Register Office Districts, Metropolises N/A Cities, Towns, Island Councils, Unincorporated Areas N/A Communities, Poseleniyes
Template:Karolia N/A national border States and city-states (Liidu) Counties N/A Towns and cities within states N/A Electorates City wards
Template:Karvaland[3] N/A national border N/A Provinces N/A Municipal districts N/A N/A Suburbs N/A
Template:Kofuku N/A National Border N/A Regions N/A Provinces Semi-Provinces Municipalities, City districts in Bako-Huz (Capital city) (Only in Bako-Huz) Neighbourhoods N/A
Template:Kojo N/A national border N/A Regions (Iki) N/A Cities/rural communities(Sur) N/A Subdivision of large cities, like boroughs(Dengshō) City wards/Subdivision of rural communities(Pang) Subdivision of rural Pangs(Jūwaéi)
Template:Kuehong N/A National Border N/A States and Federal Districts
(阁县 Các huyện)
N/A Provinces/Prefectures
(省 Tỉnh/郡 Quận)
Template:Latina N/A national border N/A Province N/A Canton / Cidudad N/A Commune / Barrio N/A N/A
Template:Luslandia N/A National Border N\A Provinces; Districts (Províncias; Distritos) Counties (Comarcas) Cities; Towns (Cidades; Municípios) N\A City and Town Districts (Distritos Municipais) N\A Village; Neighborhood (Bairros)
Template:Mauretia[4] N/A National Border N\A Provinces N/A Dioceses, Independent Cities N\A Diocesan divisions N\A Qolna divisions
Template:Maydien N/A National Border Maydien City Provinces City-counties Counties Cities Towns Villages Communities
Template:Mergany N/A National border N/A States Unaffiliated areas Cities, towns and municipalities N/A City districts and urban districts N/A N/A
Template:Meridonia N/A national border N/A Cantons N/A Cities and towns N/A Parishes N/A N/A
Template:Miramar N/A National Border N/A Region N/A Municipality N/A Village N/A N/A
Template:Myrcia N/A National Border N\A Læð N\A Eard N\A Mynster N\A N\A
Template:Neo Delta N/A national border N/A Regions (large areas of cultural and historical proximity) N/A States (self-governing territories within regions) N/A Cities (special division in the Capital State, in talks of expanding to the entire country) N/A N/A
Template:New Ingerland[5] N/A maritime boundary N/A Counties Ridings Municipalities Hundreds N/A Parishes N/A
Template:Norðurland N/A national border border of Suður-Nærsland Fylkið (federal states) N/A Sýslur (counties) N/A Umdæmin (prefectures) City wards, municipalities Judicial districts
Template:Ôrlé N/A national border N/A Landsdel (District) N/A Fylkeskommune (County/Province/State) N/A Kommune (Muncipiality/Commune/City) N/A N/A
Template:Paroy[6] N/A National border N/A States, federal district, special (military) territories Federal regions Districts, metropolitan areas Cities, municipalities Townships, villages, boroughs (urban) Suburbs, exurbs Localities, neighborhoods
Template:Pasundan-Padjadjaran N/A National Border Kingdom (Karatuan) State (Kadipaten) Special County (Kademangan Istimewa) County (Kademangan); City-County (Dayeuh Ageung) Special Islands (Pulo) City (Dayeuh) Town (Lembur); Village (Kampung) Wards (Kacamatan)
Template:Randalia[7] N/A National Border N/A State or Province N/A County N/A Town or City N/A district within city
Template:Reeland[8] - National Border - Land (Lant) Region District or District-city (Kris) City (Stat) Municipality (Gemeent) or Urban municipaity (Statgemeent) - Local community/Ward
Template:Rhododactylia - National Border Territory Prefecture / Area Subprefecture (not yet used) - Multi-city authority (trade, development, improvement) City/town/village/hamlet City/town/village wards or districts -
Template:San Marcos N/A National border Sawira: autonomous special city (Sagüira: ciudad con autonomía especial) Provinces and cities with province status (provincias y ciudades con estatus de provincia) N/A Districts (comarcas) N/A Municipalities (municipios) Quarters of Lucero, Valenzuela and Kuratom(barrios de Lucero, Valenzuela y Curatón) N/A
Template:Shadze-Ma N/A Sovereign area boundary Autonomous area boundaries (inc. North Karg) Island Districts and Federal Areas Non-syndicated district dependencies Syndicated island group entities Devolved island entities Municipalities; various locally administered islands Locally administered communitarian areas N/A
Template:South Astrasian Federation N/A National border N/A Províncias (Provinces) N/A Comarcas (Counties) N/A Municípios (Municipalities) Paróquias (Parishes) Bairros (Neighbourhoods)
Template:Tircambry N/A national border Province (Talaith) (& 1 Free Territory) Cantref (=county) N/A City (Dinas) or Commote (Cwmwd) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Template:Viljanni N/A National border N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A City districts N/A N/A
Template:Vodeo N/A National border N/A Province Region, county, or parish Territorial authority N/A Ward N/A Town or suburb
Template:Wesmandy N/A National BorderTemplate:Ref N/A Shire (not yet mapped) N/A N/A N/A Feudal Manor/fiefdom (will be re-designated as history moves on) N/A N/A
Template:Zylanda N/A national border N/A Province (Provinz) N/A County (Krees) N/A Suburb (Staddeel) N/A N/A
Template:Zalivnia N/A national border N/A District (округ/okrug) N/A Municipality (општина/opština) or City (град/grad) City district (градска општина/gradska opština)
(only in Cities)
Settlement (насеље/naselje)
formally: Local Community (месна заједница/mesna zajednica)