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Flag of Wychelle State of Wychelle
Wy stateseal.png

Mahpehóe'sevó (Nasistahe)
Capital: Cheviot
Population: 960,000 (2020)
Motto: "Per Deum, Bene valemus" ("Through God, we are well")

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Wychelle, officially the State of Wychelle, is a West Lakes state of the Federal States. It is bordered by Tennewa to the east, Clamash to the west, Riopoderos to the north, and Illuvia to the south. Nicknamed "the Wildfowl State," and sometimes "the Wych Elm State", it's defined by farmland, waterways, rolling hills, and prairie.

Nenova, the largest city and regional manufacturing hub, is in the far southeast across the Akogama from Barstone. It’s famous for its automobile industry and frontier rail past.

The capital, Cheviot, is named after the sheep breed and wool industry, imported from the Gaelig peninsula by immigrants. It is one of the smallest state capitals by population, at 30,000 people, and was gazetted as the capital in 1910 as Nenova was seen as too extremely distant from the rest of the state.

The second largest city, Geoghan, in the far north, is an important manufacturing and transport hub along the Akogama. It was originally a small rail stop along the river, before developing into a boomtown due to silver and gold discoveries in the nearby Wonahasena ranges. Now, it is primarily a manufacturing and export center for northern Wychelle.

Kosahee, a small town north of Nenova, is home to the main campus of the state's flagship university.

The state has a rich history involving frontier roots as the Wychelle Territory - becoming one of the last States to be admitted to the federation. Along with Tennewa, the area was settled by Gaelig migrants, who sought the wide prairies and landscape for agricultural and livestock cultivation. Its mineral deposits provided a needed rush in the 1820s, drawing industrial and rail connections to the territory. As part of the continental railroad, the line to Wahanta was constructed through the territory and provided Wychelle the path to statehood in 1835. In the modern day, Wychelle is primarily an agricultural and manufacturing state with an economy dependent on these sectors. It is one of the largest cereal and grain exporters in the country.

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