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Flag of Clamash State of Clamash

Capital: Clifford
Population: 2,059,342 (2020)
Motto: Your Next Adventure

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Clamash, officially the State of Clamash, is a state of the Federal States. The state is situated along the coast of the Asperic Ocean, with an international border with the Deodeca (Provinces of Peralia, Nawagan, and AR060-11) to the west, the state of Tauhon to the north, the state of Sierra to the northeast, state of Riopoderos to the east, Wychelle to the southeast, and state of AR120-47 to the south. Clamash is well known for the eastern mountain range. Other important geographical features in the state include the Henrietta River Valley and Limestone Hills. Due to its location and topography, Clamash is one of the rainiest states.

The state's name derives from the Clamash River, which's name is derived from the Castellanese "clamar" in reference to the former Blanco Rapids. Clamash has just over 2 million residents.

The largest city in Clamash is Wahanta, with approximately 62.22% of the state's population in the metropolitan area (Trentonson, Meade, & San Ramon Counties). Wahanta is an important industrial and economic hub, developed as a port and rail hub for commodities of the West Lakes region. While transportation remains the principal sector of the city's business base, Wahanta has become a major center of the FSA insurance industry.

The state capital, Clifford, is part of the Wahanta-Clifford Metropolitan Area. Unlike Wahanta, Clifford is located on the ocean coast. Clifford is an older city than Wahanta and was originally a Castellanese mission. The city is home to the unicameral state government, which is the chief sector of the local economy. Clifford is home to Spiritus Apparitio University which is located at the site of the original mission.

Other important cities include:

-Gantiac, which is located at the crossroads of FS-50 and FS-91 and is home to the flagship state land-grant university, University of Clamash-Gantiac.

-Cook Springs, which is located in the Cordilleras. Cook Springs was named for the Cook Hot Springs, which are now a resort. The city is a popular year-round destination for locals, second-home buyers, and tourists. The 1996 Pax Nova Winter Games were held in Cook Springs.

-Saunebago, which is located in southern Clamash at the crossroads of FS-40 and FS-91. Saunebago is the economic hub of the southern half of the state.


Area = 97,488.91 square kilometers

Area = 37,640.68 square miles


Before Ulethan settlement, Native Archantan tribes including the Pahareek, Burrakoo, Nantee, Lumquah, Saunebago, and Gahaha.

The northern Clamashegian coast was settled by the Castellanese in the early 1700s. Despite the fertility of the Henrietta River valley, the Castellanese only founded a few coastal settlements including San Ramon. The Ingerish eventually fought and won most of present day Clamash from the Castellanese. As per the Treaty of San Ramon, the Castellan ceded all territory claims in present day Clamash. After Deodeca's independence from Ingerland, Clamash became a province in the nation of Deodeca. It was not until the 1842 when Clamash became territory of FSA through the Clamash Purchase. In 1866, the State of Clamash was admitted to the union.


Clamash is the southernmost coastal state in the Federal States. It borders Tauhon to the north, primarily separated by the Clamash River. Sierra is to the northeast. Clamash borders Riopoderos and Wychelle to the east which's border is formed by the Cordilleras. AR120-47 is located to the south. Clamash and AR120-47 comprised the Clamash Territory until partitioned. To the west are the Asperic Ocean and the Deodecan provinces of Peralia, AR060-11, and AR060-09.

Clamash is part of a region known as the Northwest. It is also considered part of the Mountain States, and the southern half is sometimes considered part of the West Lakes region.


Clamash can generally be divided into four regions: coastal Clamash, eastern Clamash, middle Clamash, and southern Clamash.

Coastal Clamash consists of rolling hills, coastal plains, and river valleys from the foothills of the Cordilleras to the Asperic Ocean as well as the northern extent of the Limestone Hills.

Eastern Clamash consists of the most mountainous parts of the state in the Cordilleras. Due this region being sparsely populated, it more typically refers to the northeastern corner of the Clamash around Cook Springs rather than the full extent of the Cordilleras.

Middle Clamash is generally as the area between the City of Gantiac and City of Rexville west of the Cordilleras. It consists of the broad Henrietta and Gahaha River valleys and the majority of the Limestone Hills. Southern Clamash consists of approximately the lower 1/3 of the state. It is relatively flat compared to the rest of the state. It consists of river valleys and rolling hills, and is split between the Henrietta River and Grand lakes watersheds. It is considered part of the West Lake Plains.

Natural Landforms

Mountain Ranges

The Cordilleras mountain range is located along the eastern border of Clamash. The state's tallest point, Meades Peak is located in the northeastern part of the state.

While not mountain ranges, the Limestone Hills are a distinct highland landform located along the Clamash-Peralia border. Their namesake being the large limestone deposits found throughout the highlands.


The State of Clamash takes its from the Clamash River, a navigable river forming the majority of the Clamash-Tauhon Border.

The longest and largest river in Clamash is the Henrietta River and nearly 80% of the state is located in its watershed. The Henrietta River is __ miles long. The Henrietta River takes it name from Henrietta Prinkletter, the daughter of the Clamash Province Governor George Prinkletter. Major tributaries of the Henrietta River include the Udlith River, Big Verde River, Gahaha River, Ogatakan River, Indigo River, ___ River, and ___ River.

The Yellow Frog River is the largest river in southern Clamash and drains into Lake Amanecer. Major tributaries of the Yellow Frog River include the Ingram River and Union River.

The Grenoke River is the largest river in the Clamashegian portion of the Limestone Hills and drains the interior of the hills.

The headwaters of the Jersey and Mullumbidgee Rivers are also located in the Limestone Hills.

List of Rivers in Clamash
Rank Name Mouth Length Source States, Provinces, and Clamash Counties
Henrietta River
Gahaha River
Mullumbidgee River
Jersey River
Big Verde River
Udlith River
Ogatakan River
Indigo River
Grenoke River
Little Verde River
Yellow Frog River
Union River
Ingram River
Clamash River


Most lakes in Clamash are either manmade or oxbow lakes. The largest natural lake is Floyd Lake located in the northeastern part of the state. Significant manmade reservoirs in Clamash are Rubicue Lake, Fawn Creek Reservoir, Lake Spalding, and Lake Louisa.

List of Largest Lakes in Clamash
Rank Name Clamash Counties Area Type
Floyd Lake Sidney County Natural
Rubicue Lake Trentonson County Man-made
Yalensky Lake Trentonson & Gardiwapeka Counties Man-made
Fawn Creek Reservoir Kennard County Man-made
Lake Spalding Grelling & Darracott Counties Man-made
Lake Triloka Puma County Natural
Chalmers Reservoir Huntington County Man-made


State Government

Unlike most state legislatures, Clamash has a unicameral legislature.

Administrative Divisions

Clamash is divided into 44 counties.

List of Counties

Name County Seat Largest City Area in km² Area in sq mi Population Population per sq mi
Albin County Richland Stakesville 2,707.10 1,049.08 4,193 4.00
Blaney County Brookford Brookford 1,489.64 575.16 3,115 5.42
Boshokie County Boshokie Center Boshokie Center 1,515.17 585.01 7,248 12.39
Briggs County Port Union Port Union 1,159.58 447.72 60,733 135.65
Butte County Gray Rock Gray Rock 2,900.34 1,119.83 5,279 4.71
Chalmers County Brome Brome 1,845.33 712.49 4,422 6.21
Chester County Theoville Theoville 1,685.78 650.88 1,696 2.61
Clayton County Lawfield Lawfield 1,821.62 703.33 2,565 3.65
Cortizas County New Watson New Watson 1,170.96 452.11 5,906 13.06
Darracott County West Gahaha West Gahaha 2,326.85 898.40 3,506 3.90
Foster County Herbert Brantgomery 2,017.11 778.81 1,804 2.32
Gardiwapeka County Tauhon City Tauhon City 1,813.89 700.35 13,222 18.88
Grelling County Grawton Grawton 2,399.67 926.52 12,663 13.67
Grover County Jessamine Appahappa 1,999.38 771.96 3,844 4.98
Henrietta County Ardentic Ardentic 2,269.77 876.36 9,731 11.10
Hillman County Vanito Trowell 1,282.40 495.14 2,436 4.92
Huntington County Quitman Quitman 2,335.73 901.83 6,187 6.86
Kennard County Normsfield Normsfield 1,649.65 636.93 3,377 5.30
Lindley County Arrowhead Bovina 2,582.90 997.26 6,564 6.58
Lowell County Federal Camp Federal Camp 1,867.89 721.20 3,587 4.97
Mannon County Tekbota Tekbota 1,869.00 721.62 2,875 3.98
McGeorge County Willoch Red Owl 4,087.47 1,578.18 1,392 0.88
Meade County Clifford Clifford 1,560.44 602.49 518,855 861.18
Merryman County Andersen Andersen 1,489.64 575.16 8,438 14.67
Nash County Supurb Rexville 2,196.00 847.88 7,487 8.83
Nepoee County Chambersville Chambersville 1,954.23 754.53 7,072 9.37
Onslow County Stevensport Stevensport 1,933.84 746.66 5,443 7.29
Pahareek County Dunlap Dunlap 2,691.46 1,039.18 35,870 34.52
Plummer County Fort Bellis Fort Bellis 2,042.54 788.63 22,993 29.16
Puma County Thorbecke Thorbecke 2,938.39 1,134.52 4,940 4.35
Purchase County Brubecks Muehling 1,291.22 498.54 7,024 14.09
Ralley County Green Point East Ingram 1,954.90 754.79 24,455 32.40
Rudeen County Louisa Louisa 2,762.15 1,066.47 2,246 2.11
San Ramon County San Ramon Robertsville 1,431.23 552.60 43,393 78.53
Sanawappan County Indigo Rapids Indigo Rapids 2,182.42 842.64 3,551 4.21
Sidney County Marcher Marcher 4,675.47 1,805.21 7,041 3.90
Strawes County Verving Verving 5,117.63 1,975.93 2,110 1.07
Swanson County Antelope Franzer 1,851.57 714.89 5,752 8.05
Trentonson County Wahanta Wahanta 1,843.30 711.70 719,092 1010.39
Valley County Gantiac Gantiac 1,304.19 503.55 67,091 133.24
Verde County Cook Springs Cook Springs 4,424.19 1,708.19 43,197 25.29
Wamboldt County Lyonburg Plains Grove 2,061.30 795.87 4,608 5.79
Woodbine County Saunebago Saunebago 2,024.45 781.64 57,426 73.47
Yellow Frog County Kokodoji Hayson 2,937.78 1,134.28 8,198 7.23


Municipalities are divided into four classifications based on population. The twenty (20) largest municipalities as of 2020 are listed below under their respective class.

Metropolitan Class City (200,000 or more)

  • Wahanta - 554,955
  • Clifford - 269,277

First Class City (20,000-199,999)

  • Sprucewood - 59,221
  • Gantiac - 57,664
  • Port Union - 49,124
  • Land Park - 45,321
  • Saunebago - 41,893
  • Robertsville - 35,988
  • Cook Springs - 34,719
  • Huntington Heights - 24,952
  • Dunlap - 23,897
  • Norrisant- 21,851

Second Class City (4,000-19,999

  • Wardsville - 17,520
  • Morningside Hills - 16,882
  • Vista Orchard - 15,851
  • Fort Bellis - 11,526
  • San Ramon - 8,473
  • Tauhon City - 6,715
  • Ardentic - 6,117
  • Grawton - 5,774


The largest sectors in Clamash's economy are agricultural, forestry, tourism, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and financial/insurance. The Wahanta-Clifford metropolitan area is the economic center of the state.

Several large companies have headquarters in Clamash. These companies include Huckelberry's, Greeley Mart, ConcordaHealth, Second National Bank, Cordilleras Southern Railroad, Sir Saves-A-Lot, Prudent Choice Investments, WLT Advisors, Mutual of Wahanta, TaxFSA, and Bassett-Leyton Hotel Brands.



Name Location Type
Performing Arts
Name Location Type


Professional Sports
Team Home Sport League
Wahanta Scouts Wahanta - Mutual of Wahanta Stadium Baseball
Wahanta Whirlpool Wahanta - TaxFSA Center Arena Basketball
Sporting Wahanta Wahanta - ConcordaHealth Field Soccer
Wahanta Mammoths Wahanta - TaxFSA Center Arena Ice Hockey
Clifford Cruisers Clifford - Chopwitz Arena Ice Hockey
Sprucewood - Clamash Speedway Racing
College Sports
Team School City Division Football Basketball (M/W) Baseball Softball Ice Hockey (M/W) Soccer (M/W) Wrestling Cross Country Track & Field Tennis
University of Clamash - Gantiac Gantiac I
University of Clamash - Wahanta Wahanta I
University of Clamash - Port Union Port Union II
University of Clamash - Saunebago Saunebago II
McKnight University Wahanta I
Rancaster University Cook Springs II
Clamash Bartholomewan University Wahanta II
St. Urbicius College Wahanta III
Spiritus Apparitio University Clifford II
Clifford University Clifford I
Grawton College Grawton III


University of Clamash System

  • University of Clamash - Gantiac (flagship campus)
  • University of Clamash - Wahanta
  • University of Clamash - Port Union
  • University of Clamash - Saunebago

Clamash State College System

  • Brampton State College - Brampton
  • Cook Springs State College - Cook Springs
  • Muehling State College - Muehling
  • Dunlap State College - Dunlap
  • Clamash Mountain State College - Stakesville
  • Confluence State College - Confluence

Community College Systems

  • Northern Clamash Community College - Clamash Valley (Tauhon City), San Ramon, Wardsville, City Center (Wahanta), Jane Valley (Huntington Heights), and Clifford
  • Eastern Clamash Community College - Marcher and Cook Springs,
  • Mid-Clamash Community College - South Coast (Brubecks), Fort Bellis, and Gantiac
  • Clamash Valley Community College - Quitman, Clamash Tribal (Bovina), Dunlap, and Thorbecke
  • Southern Clamash Community College - Andersen, Ardentic, Saunebago, and East Ingram

Private Colleges/Universities

  • Wildwood College - Robertsville
  • Udlith Valley University - Wardsville
  • McKnight University - Wahanta
  • St. Urbicius College - Wahanta
  • Clamash College of Technology - Wahanta
  • Lyman College - Wahanta
  • Clamash Bartholomewan University - Wahanta
  • Mount Mirgo Seminary - Wahanta
  • Clifford University - Clifford
  • Spiritus Apparitio University - Clifford
  • Grawton College - Grawton
  • Rancaster University - Cook Springs
  • Verde View University - Gantiac
  • Grace College - Supurb

The flagship university is the University of Clamash-Gantiac. Other campuses are the University of Clamash-Port Union, University of Clamash-Saunebago and University of Clamash-Wahanta. Clamash has one state college system. Clamash has one community college system.


The three primary motorways in Clamash are FS 40, FS 50, and FS 91. Other motorways can be found in the Wahanta-Clifford Metropolitan Area including FS 350, and FS 691.

In 2009, the Clamash Department of Transportation started the Statewide Expressway Project in which significant routes would be upgraded to four-lane divided expressways. Due to a lack of funding, the majority of the project is still incomplete as of 2022. Completed expressways are CL 85 in Trentonson County and CL 43 in Meade County. Construction is underway and portions are completed of CL 47, which will connect Port Union with Tauhon City. Other highways designated for upgrades are CL 31 from Gantiac to Tauhon City, CL 17 from Dunlap (FS 91) to Wychelle, and an extension of CL 26 from FS 91 to San Ramon.

The Sunsetter is a passenger rail service in west FSA. The main stations in Clamash are located in Wahanta, Cook Springs, Dunlap, Saunebago, and Gantiac. Freight rail lines cross the state connecting The Lakes Region with the Port of Wahanta and the port in Jundah, Tauhon.

There are four commercial airports in Clamash: Wahanta-Clifford International Airport, Cook Springs Regional Airport, Saunebago Regional Airport and Dunlap Regional Airport.

Protected Areas

National Parks
Name Location Acreage Information
Fort Walprove National Historic Site Wahanta
Hurricane Caverns National Park Sundan
State Parks
Name Location Acreage Information
Basin State Park Basin
Clamash Bluffs State Park Tauhon City
Confuence State Park Confluence
Floyd Lake State Park Marcher
Henry Sturholdt State Park Wahanta
Indigo Canyon State Park Indigo Rapids
Lake Spalding State Park West Gahaha
Old Limey State Park Humor Springs
Poison Ivy Falls State Park Granit
Sundan State Park Sundan
Tall Pine State Park Thorbecke
State Recreation Areas
Name Location Acreage Information
Arborland Reservoir State Recreation Area Elmland
Chadman State Recreation Area Chadman
Chalmers Reservoir State Recreation Area Quitman
Covered Wagon Lake State Recreation Area Campbell
Crab Beach State Recreation Area Dayport
Fawn Creek Reservoir State Recration Area Normsfield
Grebe Lake State Recreation Area Vesper
Henrietta River State Recreation Area Rushram
Lake Louisa State Recreation Area Louisa
Rubicue Lake State Recreation Area Taylin
South Bay Beach State Recreation Area South Bay
Strawes Reservoir State Recreation Area Mimrose
Tekbota State Recreation Area Tekbota
Tenn Butte State Recreation Area Tenn Butte
State Forests
Name Location Acreage Information
Gilbert State Forest
Limestone Hills State Forest
Lumquah State Forest
McFranklin State Forest
San Ramon State Forest
Verde Rivers State Forest
State Historical Parks
Name Location Acreage Information
Black Feather Hill State Historical Park Kotzbauer
Castillo San Ramon Oeste State Historical Park San Ramon unmapped
Debock Farm Fossil Beds State Historical Park Franzer
Fort Hunderstatt State Historical Park Fort Hunderstatt
Kilby Mine State Historical Park Stakesville
Toleka Point State Historical Park Toleka

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