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Flag of Riopoderos State of Riopoderos

Capital: Colurona
Population: 2,874,000 (2021)
Motto: "Across the mountains and plain, we find ourselves."

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Riopoderos, officially the State of Riopoderos, is a state in the Heartland Region of the Federal States of Archanta. Riopoderos is bordered by Sierra to the north, Apawiland to the northeast, AR120-42 to the east, Tennewa to the south, Wychelle to the southwest, and Clamash to the west. The name Riopoderos is a portmanteau of the Castellanese "rio," and the Castellanese derivative of the Poa'ku'iwo word poderaa, which rougly translates to "golden fields." Riopoderos features vast river valleys, mountains, coniferous forests, and open plains/prairies. The capital of Riopoderos is Colurona, named after the Colurona River Valley, where the city is situated. The largest city in Riopoderos is Swansonville, situated on the Quinn River on the eastern plains.

State of Riopoderos
Estado de Riopoderos
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest citySwansonville
Official languagesIngerish
 • GovernorRobert McMain
 • Lieutenant GovernorSarah Calahan
LegislatureState Assembly
 • Upper houseState Senate
 • Lower houseState House
 • Total75,466.18 km2
29,137.65 sq mi
 • Water (%)<1%
 • Census2,874,000
 • Density36.89/km2
95.55/sq mi





Administrative Subdivisions

List of Counties

Riopoderos has 23 Counties and XX Townships.

County Name County Seat Population Area (km2) Area (mi2) Number of Townships
Robinson County Sathemine 10?
Modesto County Lehigh 12
Richmond County Windfort
Wakefield County Saint Harvey
Yarrow County Elsinore
Dowell County Cookfield
Lynott County Aldena
Boulder County Swansonville
Bronson County Apawi
Mooreland County Norwick
Geraldine County Maskonee City
Knockaert County Tennewa Springs
Sullivan County Merryman
McHale County Fort Gerryman
Douglas County Wayneright
Jones County Midway
Hessonite County Porte Springs
Bronze County Bronze River
Rose County Redding
Winston County Estancia
Frontier County Colurona
Planos County Maddison
Floyd County Ross Springs

List of Municipalities






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