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The Federal States of Archanta (FSA), commonly known as the Federal States, is a federal republic composed of 67 states and a federal district. The Federal States span 1.2 million square miles with a population of xxx million people, making the Federal States the third largest country in the world in terms of land area behind Commonia and KA001, and the ____st largest country in the world in terms of population.

5, -37.717, 153.154
Federal States of Archanta
"Semper Libertas"
Liberty Forever
Largest cityStanton


List of States

Name Code Capital Largest city Area in km² Area in sq mi Population Population per km² Region Map Notes
Aidlenaide.png Aidlenaide AN Xavier Xavier (TBD) (TBD) Southeast Region Map Formally an Ingerish dependency, now a state
Unknown Flag.png Aperia AP Vandalia Vandalia ~ 5-6 million (TBD) Southeast Region Map
Arghenna Flag.png Arghenna AR Hammond Dunchurch
AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia Southeast Region Map
BasChanFlag.png Bas-Chanceux LC Saint-Armand Southwest Corridor Map
Unknown Flag.png Belirias
FlagofBoscainifornio.png Boscainifornio BC Yorksey 20439.37 7891.68 Northeast Region Map
Unknown Flag.png Capital District CD Huntington Huntington Capital Region Map Officially, the CD is not a state, but instead a district
Unknown Flag.png Clamash CL Portstown Portstown ~2,000,000 (TBD) Mountain Region
Unknown Flag.png Cosperica (Sta.Maria de la) Esperanza
Ft2012.jpg Fermont Pronoro Southeast Region Map
KanitarioFlag.png Kanitario KT Aspera Aspera 33,001 12,741 5,221,848 Lakes Region
Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska Marksville Ohunkagan 17,817.54 6,879.39 ~4,000,000 Lakes Region Map
Unknown Flag.png Mennowa Minneuka 114,466.57 44,195.79 West Central Region Map
Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan MN Thomasford Lake City 40,163.28 15,507.13 Lakes Region Map
Unknown Flag.png Natrinia NA Morsboro Morsboro ~3,000,000 Northeast Region
Unknown Flag.png New Carnaby NC tbd Stanton 93 280.76 36 015.90 Southeast Region Map
Flag v2.png Newlynn NL Rivertown Rivertown 17330.52 6691.32 Southeast Region
Oakhillflag.png Oakhill OH Gilbertville 839.14 Southeast Region Map
Osaquoya-flag3.png Osaquoya OQ St. Joseph 51,140.38 19,745.41 West Central Region Map
PA flag.png Passamaqueets PA Burton Burton 2,744.70 1,059.73 Southeast Region Map
SvgFileService (1).svg Penquisset PQ Newburyport Warwick 7,741.31 2,988.94 5,643,201 728.97 Southeast Region Map
Seneppi State Flag.jpg Seneppi SN Annagawi Wallawaukee 28,104.95 10,851.38 Lakes Region Map
FLAGTAU.png Tauhon TA Jundah 74,552.20 28,784.76 5,155,200 69.15 Far Northwest Region Map
Unknown Flag.png Tejoma TJ Iron Fence Apricity 71,147.69 27,792.07 West Central Region Map
Teenesccan.png Teenesccan TN Fort Tarott Fort Tarott 4,170.04 1,610.06 Southeast Region Map
Unknown Flag.png Tulpanen Lakes Region Map
Velena-Flag.png Velena VN Southwest Corridor Map
WhitestoneFlag.png Whitestone WH Lafayette Southeast Region Map
Unknown Flag.png Wilthamshire
Unknown Flag.png AR120-02
Unknown Flag.png AR120-08
Unknown Flag.png AR120-16
Unknown Flag.png AR120-18

List of Unclaimed States

Name Code Capital Largest city Area in km² Area in sq mi Population Population per km² Region Map Notes
Unknown Flag.png AR120-23
Unknown Flag.png AR120-24
Unknown Flag.png AR120-25
Unknown Flag.png AR120-26
Unknown Flag.png AR120-27
Unknown Flag.png AR120-31
Unknown Flag.png AR120-32
Unknown Flag.png AR120-33
Unknown Flag.png AR120-34
Unknown Flag.png AR120-35
Unknown Flag.png AR120-36
Unknown Flag.png AR120-44
Unknown Flag.png AR120-45
Unknown Flag.png AR120-46
Unknown Flag.png AR120-47
Unknown Flag.png AR120-48
Unknown Flag.png AR120-52
Unknown Flag.png AR120-53
Unknown Flag.png AR120-62
Unknown Flag.png AR120-71
Unknown Flag.png AR120-72
Unknown Flag.png AR120-73
Unknown Flag.png AR120-74
Unknown Flag.png AR120-75
Unknown Flag.png AR120-82
Unknown Flag.png AR120-85
Unknown Flag.png AR120-86
Unknown Flag.png AR120-87
Unknown Flag.png AR120-88


Important Persons

see Important persons FSA

Geography / Climate / Environment


Government and Politics


The Federal States is one of the world's largest manufacturer. Its main industries include aerospace (MacDougall Graham, Trent Aerospace, tbd), agricultural machinery (tbd), automobiles (tbd), chemicals (tbd), construction machinery (tbd), electronics (CranBerry), food processing (tbd), mining, (Compass Corportation), petroleum (tbd) and steel (tbd).





Collaboration: Sports in AR120

The most popular sports in the Federal States are baseball, basketball, football and ice hockey, soccer plays a minor role.

Science and Technology